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Badlands Ranch Reviews

Below are actual customer reviews of Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete. Click on these Badlands Ranch reviews to read about why people love Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete.

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Patsy Graham, on 08-25-2022
Happy Dogs

I have been looking for a good dog food for years, we have tried everything. I am so happy with the results I see in my dogs after just 3 weeks. They love it, but even better than that it has really made a difference in them. They were both over weight and slept most of the time. They are losing weight and have much more energy . My 9 year old rescue is moving and running again. The 5 year old has started playing with toys again. Thank you so much for making this wonderful food. I can see how much they have improved and I know they will live much longer and healthy lives eating this super food.

Byrnes Law, on 08-25-2022

Picky eater loves the complete.

Vicki Stockley, on 08-25-2022
Loving The Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete

The Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete is a great product! I have been using it for about three months. My two whippets are picky eaters and now I have found a food that they love. I first tried it as a topper to their previous dog food to start slow, and they ate just the Badlands food and left their old food! They know what the bag looks like now and when they see me pull it out and load up their bowls, they get very excited and dig in! I have also noticed that the aroma of the dog food smells good to me when I open the bag. Cannot say that for many dog food brands. I also purchased the Liver Treats and they love those too! They have not had any GI upset with the Badlands Superfood, so I am very happy about that! I feel good knowing that I am providing healthy, whole food based meals for them to stay healthy for as long as possible! I feel this food is worth the extra cost compared to other dog food brands because of the quality and how much they love it!

Kathy Graham, on 08-24-2022
Very happy customer

My pups absolutely loves this food. I’m so glad I made the choice to give them a healthier food. My pups seem to have more energy!!

Cynthia Dick, on 08-24-2022
Picky Mini GoldenDoodle

Mr BoJangels is super picky about food. We have actually had to sit and spoon feed him other dog foods. I opened this food, offered it, and he did not quit eating until there was only a bite or two left. Thank You Superfood

Stella J. Morris, on 08-24-2022
Happy dog

Lexi Grace can’t wait for her breakfast and dinner with the Superfood complete sprinkled on top of her food!! She loves it. Thanks Katherine and Badlands Ranch!

Beth Bowers, on 08-24-2022
Dog food

My picky eater LOVES this dog food and also treats. He acts like he can't get enough of it!

Vonda Dodson, on 08-24-2022
Picky Eaters

I have 3 small dogs that won’t eat dog food. UNTIL I found this food. I ordered it thinking I would add another bag of dog food to give away to the neighbors for their fur babies. I opened the bag of food I took a couple pieces out . To my surprise my babies ate it. I put a small amount on their food dish. They ate it. I can’t tell you how surprised I really was. I am so happy because they love this food. It has been 3 days now. All 3 are still eating every piece I put on their dish. I know the price of this is expensive. I know I am worried about how I will pay for it. My babies deserve to eat food they love so I will do my very best to keep them happy. They love me unconditionally and I love them the same way. All I can say is Give this a try. It is the best food I have seen my babies eat. Thank You for everything Vonda Dodson

Karen, on 08-24-2022
My picky Pitti

I have one of the pickiest dogs on the planet! My fault probably! I started her eating a raw diet as a pup and probably up until she was 3 yrs or so. One day as I’m cooking dinner I give my dog a raw food for dinner and she looked at me like she was saying hey this doesn’t smell like that. That was the end of her eating raw. Then I would cook for her tirelessly every day. As that was getting old, I started buying over-the-counter dog food. Now I found the good stores with the best foods to feed her; and wasn’t having much luck with her eating. Then I decided to buy her food from the grocery store. After about a month of that food I noticed her coat was changing and she was itchy. Somehow I stumbled upon this Badlands Ranch and decided to order. We got our first order yesterday, I gave it to her last night and she ate the whole bowl with no problem. I love my dog, sometimes more than my daughters, lol, and would do anything to feed her well. I’m truly thankful that I found Badlands Ranch and that my dog is now getting the best food possible. Not gonna lie it’s a little pricey; but they’re here for such a short time. Thank you Katherine Heigl for all you do for these sweet loving animals! Ps Can we have more flavors soon? Picky pitti needs more.

Georgia Hess, on 08-24-2022

My dog is a picky eater. So I have always cooked for him. Fried the meat than rinsed it with boiling water to remove the grease . Only by turkey, low fat burger or vinson. I dehydrate all my own vegetables so I add those to his food . After all that I knew his was not getting all he needed. I tried to get he to also eat some of the better quality dry dog food but he looked at me like ARE YOU KIDDING. Oh, keep in mind I'm a 78 year old on SS so I have a very limited budget so it's a bit of a struggle but my little Buster is my world. I heard your add and you said all things I believe in so I had to order your food.. I got it in 3 days . Couldn't wait for Buster to try it. Quickly opened it, popped into his dish. I'm standing there waiting for THAT LOOK . I was shock ! Buster gobbled it down like he hadn't eaton in days. He loves it,There was non of that sniffing like what the heck is this.. Oh no it dove right in. Thank you so so much Katherine I signed up for auto shipping

Amanda Flack, on 08-23-2022
My fur babies LOVE it

My Shiba inu fox and my rhodesian ridgeback Stella both LOVE the badlands ranch food!! I had them both on beneful but my vet said Stella is 90lbs and should be more like 70lbs. So I well to “science hills” healthy weight. After doing extensive research I learned that science hills is rated 3.5 and has over 57% of carbohydrates. Science hills prides themselves on “real chicken” but they cook it at such high temperatures the good Chicken is burned off. Since giving them both the badlands ranch food as a topper I’ve noticed significant improvements. They have more energy, they are way more active and so much more playful. Just signed up for 6 bags per month!! 11 out of 10 highly recommend!!

Dorothy Aiello, on 08-23-2022
I finally found a dog food my dog will eat!

We adopted Roxy, a 7 year old female Labrador/Great Pyrenees (mixed breed) weighing 50 lbs (all muscle) in February of this year. Her previous owner said she just fed her dry dog food but I was not comfortable with that. I tried offering her “The Farmers Dog” dog food and “Ollie” dog food, both are highly rated but Roxy wasn’t interested. I’m so happy to find a dry recipe that offers complete nutrition that Roxy seems to like and that I have faith in. Thank you Katherine for this product!

Sandra A Coronado, on 08-23-2022
Charlie Brown love's this

He just loves it...I am so glad I purchased Badlands... thank you

Jacqueline Sparacino, on 08-22-2022

My dogs love it! one dog is 75lb and the other is 20lb. I could never afford just this food at the recommended amount. I mix a handful of Complete with dry food.

Roberta, on 08-22-2022
Crazy how much my dog likes this food!

I was going to ease him into the new food but he gobbled it up so quickly. I was actually feeding him just a small bit at a time because he was inhaling it!! He immediately switched to it. We have only been using it a couple of weeks and already I am ordering more. There is no bad odor and in fact, this food actually smells good. Gino is a 7lb chihuahua/ terrier mix estimated to be between 15 and 17 years old, he has a bad heart valve and no teeth. However, he has the spirit of a puppy and does not want wet food. My only caution is if you have a small mouthed toothless dog, you may need to break up some of the bits of kibble.

Sandi Jaques, on 08-22-2022
Truly is a Complete Superfood

We have a 4year old Yorkie/Pomeranian mix that weighs 12 pounds and has always been a picky eater. Through facebook I watched the full tutorial for Badlands Ranch Super food and thought I'd give it a try. When my order came, I opened the box with our little guy sitting next to me, he could smell the food before I even opened the bag and was so excited to have some. I have never seen him be excited to get his dinner which he ate immediately and wanted more! He also loved the liver treats, thank you so much for this truly complete and healthy dog food. Sandi Jaques

Kenii, on 08-21-2022
Great as a topper

I have a huge German Shepherd pit Bull mix so 4 1/2 cups a day would bankrupt me. Using this product as a topper on his other grain free kibble really gets Rufus to clean his bowl. He’s almost 11 & I’m hoping food like this will be beneficial for a long healthy life.

Lisa Lundquist, on 08-21-2022
Fur babies Love this

Thank you for such a wonderfully produced product!! My furries are very happy with this!! I even use it to help train my wild puppy Snoopy snoops as treats! My old man, mushu is definitely moving a bit better, as good as he can being almost 12.

Ruth, on 08-19-2022
He eats this!

My 18 month old little malchi, Max, is SO picky! I've tried dry, wet, gourmet, farm fresh and everything else on the market, I think! This is the first product that he has eaten more than 3 days. He ate a whole bowl the first time it was offered to him, and he has been eating it regularly ever since. Finally!!!! I've found the best food for him. He loves it, eats regularly and seems more balanced physically and emotionally. I am so happy!

Ttroup, on 08-19-2022
My picky eater loved it!

As soon as I placed it in his bowl he went over and ate every bite! I’m glad that I can give him healthy super foods to maintain his health!

Marsha, on 08-19-2022
My 3 dogs

They ALL loved it. I have one picky eatet. She ate it too

Francena Gamboa, on 08-19-2022

The commercial was true. Found my dog with his head in the bag!

Kimberly Grandinetti, on 08-18-2022
Wow! My Dogs Just Love it!

My two dogs loved this food! I placed it in their doggy dishes and it was demolished! In the past, it would sit in their dishes for hours until done. One of my dogs constantly likes his paws and I am hoping this food will help. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this food available to everyone... so grateful.

Susan Kostrzeba, on 08-18-2022

My dog, Jeni LOVES this food and I consider her a picky eater. I use half the recommended amount and mix with her single ingredient turkey food. She eats it all and that make me happy.

Beverly Cagle, on 08-17-2022


Debi, on 08-17-2022
Happy boy!

My poor aging dog, I wish I had this food years ago! He probably wouldn’t have all the ailments he has now. He absolutely loves this food. I can probably stop all his special little treats and just use his food for treats and he will be happy as a clam! He runs to his bowl when I say it’s time to eat!!! If I leave any schnibbles of the food out on the cabinet he stands there and sniffs it out! Thank you for the great product!

Lsweet378, on 06-03-2022
Love It!

We have three dogs and one has grain allergies and is a picky eater when it comes to dog food; however, when I offered her some of this food, you would have thought it was a rare treat that she just could not get enough of. She absolutely loved it as well as the other two dogs. Thank you for now I do not have to worry if she is eating enough plus it hasn't affected her allergies any.

Dfrenchkis, on 02-27-2022
Looks different & my dog likes it

I received this product and it looks different from old dry kibble. It has a look of chopped up beef. My dog liked it and wanted more after I gave her a sample to try. she kept looking at me like I was supposed to give her more that just a sample. She is not a fussy eater, but there are some things that once she has tried it, then she will not try it again.

Debinpdx, on 02-27-2022
Empty Bowl!

I have no idea what this product tasted like considering it is dog food and since I cannot interview my dog, I will have to base my review on whether my dog ate it. The answer is YES! My dog devoured every bit of the food I poured into her bowl. She barely waited until I was finished I assume she loves it. My cat snuck some from the dog's bowl, so I guess it is cat approved too.

Grandma Nikki, on 02-20-2022
Dogs love it

We have a gsd and an American Bully and they both love it! They ate it like they hadn't seen food in a month of Sundays and neither of them eat like that normally. I think they would make great training treats as well.

Al32, on 02-15-2022
My dogs approve

My dogs do approve. They love this stuff. I give it to them as a treat everyday. When I say treat they come a running. I recommend this healthy food for your dog. It contains Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Salmon, Flaxseed, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrots, Broccoli, Chia Seeds, Blueberry, Ginger, Salt, Tumeric, Zinc, Vitamin E Supplement, and so much more healthy ingredients. My dogs have been loving this stuff. I know they recommend to all dogs. It is very healthy and nutritious for them as well. I recommend.

Jill0215, on 02-15-2022
Great Quality!!

The first thing I noticed about this dog food is the amazing quality. It looks like it went through very little processing, meaning the nuggets actually look like meat. This came just in time because I ran out of dry dog food. My dog is very picky so I always mix his food with moist food, its the only way he'll eat it. I mixed it up with a little less moist food then normal and just as I expected, he demolished the bowl!! So happy to see him eating something healthy and enjoy it!!

Ajpaul, on 02-15-2022
Excellent Healthy Superfood

"My dog really loves Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete. Super nutritious and healthy for my dog. I'm sure its tasty cause my dog is kind of picky and he really ate this up. My dog highly recommends it - five paws."

John215, on 02-14-2022
My girlie loves them

My girl is super picky so it took her a while to accept these foods but after a few tries, she requests them. She will literally go in her snack cabinet and pull the little baggie out and bring it to me. I only give her a little at a time and she requests it like a treat. It’s chihuahua approved.

Themacpack, on 02-12-2022
Picky Eater Hit!

We have a Great Dane who is such a picky eater it is hard to find anything she will eat. She is very “Posh” in her eating habits and normally only eats certain food for a couple days then she is done, if she will try it at all. When the bag of Badlands Ranch Superfood arrived, she immediately tried to get to the bag. This is a good sign. So I gave her two cups with just the Superfood in the beginning. As you can see it was a hit! No wet food needed. The next meal, I combined a scope with a cup and a half of a dog food she has stopped eating. She ate almost all of the combined food and did pick out all of the Badlands Ranch Superfood. Our Lasha also loved it! The only down side I see is I wish the bag was bigger!

Skylarsmom0305, on 02-10-2022
Dog lives this

My dog goes crazy for this. As soon as she hears the bag she comes running! She actually begs for more. These are perfect for all dog sizes. Can easily be used for training. Come in bite size pieces , larger dogs I give two-three pieces to

Baebear8775, on 02-07-2022
Kia LOVE it!!!

When I first decided to feed this to Kia, my Jack Russell terrier, she wanted nothing to do with it; but AFTER I left the room, she began to ABSOLUTELY ANNIHILATE this new food. I do believe that I will be purchasing more of this in the future to use as a treat for her. Thanks for putting out such an AWESOME product!!!!

Zenlife22, on 02-07-2022
Great quality superfood!

This is an amazing product made with high quality ingredients! The size and shape are easy to hold if you use the food to work on training your furry companion. All my dogs can’t get enough. This is a great option to feed your pets a quality nutritiously dense superfood!

Ryansmom18, on 02-07-2022
Dog approved!

I received this food for my pups. It was smaller bite size chunks. I gave a sampling to my dogs first to see if they liked it. They loved it. I gave them the remainder in 2 different feedings (I have multiple dogs). I would buy this in the store if I could locate it!

Kat133, on 02-07-2022
Love it!

My dog is a picky eater so it’s a lot of trial-and-error with her. This food though, total game changer!! She is excited to eat- she will come to her bowl as I pour her food!! Really happy with this!!

Nicole4, on 02-06-2022
Great food

My dog seems to love this food. Despite the change in dog food, She eats it right up without any hesitation about being a new food. She seemed to tolerated it well without any apparent digestion issues to note.

Sampler, on 02-06-2022
Great Product for Dogs!

My dog enjoyed the Badlands Ranch - Superfood Complete 24oz food. The product was well packaged and of great quality along with ingredients. Overall, I highly recommend the Badlands Ranch - Superfood Complete 24oz to pet owners!

Lulu2022, on 02-05-2022
My dog would like to give it 10 stars

You would think SuperFood Complete is made of treats. My golden retriever loves it and when he sees the package he cries a bit asking for more. I am using the Premium Beef Formula as a topper for his standard food. My dog generally grazes throughout the day, but as soon as I sprinkle on SuperFood he devours everything in his bowl. I even started using the food as a treat, instead of his usual cookie, rewarding him for good behaviors. I love the natural ingredients of Beef and Salmon with vegetables, fruit and vitamins. I feel great giving my furry friend premium food to enhance his health.

Mrs T, on 02-04-2022
My dog likes it

I have a very picky schneagle so I was a bit concerned at first. The food seems jerky style and didn't smell great to me but my boy loved it. Its not the consistency of dry chow and seems high quality. He finished his bowl and didn't have an upset tummy afterwards. I'm very impressed.

Steph78, on 02-04-2022
Amazing product

I received this product in the mail this week and was surprised at how excited my dog was! She is very picky about her food and will often turn her nose up at dry food, especially when it’s new. She had no hesitation when she tried this! She absolutely loves it! I’ll definitely be buying this for her!

Ace88, on 02-04-2022
Dogs love it

I haven't been giving it to my boys long enough to speak to the health benefits, but I can say the boys are loving the taste! I have a German shepherd mix and two lab mixed breeds that are getting up there in age so I look for food that helps them and is softer. They all love this stuff be abuse it's basically beef jerky.

Lace, on 02-03-2022
Superfood Complete Win!!

"My Dog is a rescue, he has a very sensitive stomach his previous owner fed him dry food full of fillers, dyes, chemicals, and by-products. Since his adoption a year ago we went through a long process of upgrading his dog food to something he likes and is better for him. When Badlands Ranch-Superfood Complete arrived I decided to let him decide. When his scheduled meal time approached I put out two small bowls out. One contained his current food, the other contained Superfoods Complete. Once he was given the go ahead to eat he sniffed his current food, then sniffed Superfoods Complete. He then proceeded to eat Superfoods Complete, the other bowl sat on the floor until it was time for his next bowl. That was a clear indicator that I will be replacing his current dog food with Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete, cant complain because I am a fan of the ingredients - that there are no fillers and more importantly the difference I am seeing in my Dog."

Cacj, on 02-01-2022
They LOVE the Superfood Complete!

The Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete was a big hit with my german shepherds and these guys are picky. I was pleased with the packaging and details of how responsible the superfood complete is as a product. I knew it would be a good choice for Chico and Su. They totally agreed and love the product. I was also pleased to see that there were no digestive issues after adding the superfood to their diet. I can see I am going to be a long time customer of this brand.

Bigal, on 02-01-2022
It's a winner!

Our dog has been recouperating from an injury and really hasn't been interested in food. The only thing that will grab her attention is cat food. When I poured the Badlands Ranch dog food in her bowl, she immediately perked up and was ready to eat. I barely got the bowl down before she cleaned it out. She did not exhibit any digestive issues. I believe she is a fan of this food.

Courtneyj, on 01-31-2022
My dog just loved it!

My dog did something with this food that she never does unless it's human food, and it's repeatedly go back to the bowl to lick any remnants left. I had to put her bowl away because she kept obsessively licking on it! Needless to say, she absolutely loves this food. Besides being delicious, I really do like the nutritional makeup of this food. I especially like the 87% that is real meat and no fillers in sight. And the ingredients are to die for, just chock full of of nutrition and superfood elements as promised. We definitely will be getting more!

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Katherine Heigl is known throughout the world for her acting roles in television and movies. But this star’s passion has always been animals. Since 2008, Katherine’s non-profit, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, has saved over 16,000 dogs from high-kill shelters and placed them in happy homes.

Badlands Ranch, an animal wellness brand, is Katherine’s latest project that supports the health and happiness of animals. Badlands Ranch’s signature dog food, Superfood Complete, offers animal lovers a unique blend of canine superfoods that they may not find elsewhere. According to Badlands Ranch reviews, this super-nutritious food is a great option for discerning dog owners.

What Is Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete?

Superfood Complete is a wholesome dog food packed with whole foods, like nutritious beef, organ meat, omega-packed salmon, and gut-healthy vegetables. This food earns high marks due to its high quality ingredients and the “low and slow” air-drying method of production. Many Badlands Ranch reviews left by happy customers mention the great texture and nutrient density of this food.

What Ingredients Are In Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete?

To live their best lives, dogs require a balanced diet that provides them with high quality protein, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, healthy fats, and plenty of nutrients. Here are the ingredients in Superfood Complete:

Beef, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Salmon, Flaxseed, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrots, Calcium Carbonate, Broccoli, Chia Seeds, Blueberry, Ginger, Salt, Turmeric, Lions Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus), Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin Supplement, Selenium Yeast, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Thiamine Mononitrate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Folic Acid, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplements, and Mixed Tocopherols.1

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete?

Many Badlands Ranch reviews mention that they appreciate the high quality ingredients and nutritional profile of this food. Feeding your dog nutritious food such as this one can offer many benefits:* 

What Makes Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete Special?

Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete is air-dried and minimally processed. This means that moisture is removed through evaporation rather than being cooked at an extremely high temperature (like many other commercial dog foods). This helps preserve the nutrients and flavor of the natural ingredients. 

Many Badlands Ranch reviews mention that this air-drying method is a favorite thing about Superfood Complete.


If you’re looking for a nutritious food that’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids for brain health, fiber for digestion, high quality protein for energy, and antioxidants for immune health – look no further. With Superfood Complete, you’re getting highly nutritious food from a company that also supports the important cause of animal rescue.

*All pets are unique. Your pet’s results can and will vary.


Why Is It Air Dried?

Many commercial dog foods are cooked at extremely high temperatures. Unfortunately, over-processing dog kibble in this fashion can strip it of its nutritional content.4 The air-drying method used by Badlands Ranch is a gentler approach that can optimize nutritional benefits.

How Do I Serve This?

You can serve Superfood Complete in the same way that you would serve kibble. Simply pour it into your dog’s bowl. You can also add ½ cup of water to a serving of food and let it soften the food if your dog prefers wet food. Either way, most dogs can’t get enough of the flavor of the natural ingredients in Superfood Complete.

What If I Don’t Like This Food? Can I Return It?

Badlands Ranch offers a 90-day window to return Superfood Complete for a full refund of your purchase price, minus shipping. You can feel free to try this food risk-free. If you or your dog doesn’t like it, simply contact the helpful customer service team.